Funding Programs

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Incentives & Grants


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Screen Queensland provides pro-active initiatives for writers, producers and directors to create ideas that can be sold in the marketplace. Screen Queensland offers support to Queensland practitioners to produce high quality screen content with audience appeal and to support production activity in Queensland. To attract film and television projects to Queensland in recognition of the significant economic and industry benefits they provide, particularly in the areas of employment. The Revolving Film Finance Fund provides a limited amount of funding as a facility to cashflow distribution guarantees, pre-sales, the Producer Offset, or any other collateral security that is acceptable to Screen Queensland.

Revolving Film Finance Fund (RFFF)



Micro Budget Movies

Multi-platform and Gaming


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To provide support and stimulate the establishment of viable screen businesses in Queensland operating in any or all of film/TV/multi-platform production. A competitive, training-through-production scheme to deliver opportunities and up-skilling for creative production teams to develop and produce a first film. Multi-platform and Gaming is structured to encourage the Queensland growth of digital content creation for new media, including on-line and games production, including selected gaming Apps. To bring indigenous stories to the screen in all media, and to assist in up-skilling Queensland indigenous practitioners to a self-sustaining level.




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