Australian Directors Guild Award Nominations

Congratulations to Cathy Henkel at Virgo Productions on being nominated for two ADG awards - Best Documentary Feature and the GRASS Award (green awareness encouragement award) for The Burning Season. The awards ceremony is to be held on the 23rd September in Sydney. For more information please visit

2010 nominations

Feature Film:
Beneath Hill 60 - Jeremy Sims
Bran Nue Dae - Rachel Perkins
Animal Kingdom - David Michôd
The Waiting City - Claire McCarthy
Balibo - Robert Connolly

Television Mini series:
East West 101: Atonement - Peter Andrikidis
The Circuit II: Sorry Business - Steve Jodrell
The Circuit II: Of Mice and Men - James Bogle

Documentary Feature:
Indonesia Calling: Joris Ivens in Australia - John Hughes
Three Boys Dreaming - Michael Cordell
The Burning Season - Cathy Henkel
Love Lust and Lies - Gillian Armstrong

Documentary Series:
Addicted To Money - Simon Nasht
Liberal Rule: The Politics that Changed Australia - Nick Torrens
Are You My Mother? - Ili Baré
Voices from the Cape - David Vadiveloo

Documentary Standalone:
Solo - Jennifer Peedom / David Michôd
The Long Goodbye - Kaye Harrison
Drive - Bronwyn Purvis / Telen Rodwell
Honeybee Blues - Stefan Moore

Burn - David Vadiveloo
Water - Corrie Jones
Tomorrow- Simon Portus
Shock - Abe Forsythe
Some Static Started - Ben Briand

Television Drama Series:
Tangle: Episode 9 - Stuart McDonald
Rush: Armoured Car - Daniel Nettheim
Underbelly 3: Into the Mystic - Tony Tilse
All Saints: The Waiting Game episode 482 - Lynn-Maree Danzey

Television Drama Serial:
Neighbours - Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Neighbours - Chris Adshead
Home and Away: Australia Day in Summer Bay - Lee Rogers

Television Comedy:
The Jesters: The Female Voice - Kimble Rendall
John Safran's Race Relations: episode 2 - Craig Melville
Wilfred II: Dogstar - Tony Rogers
Lowdown: A Lavish Swinger Amanda Brotchie

Television Childrens:
Dance Academy: Behind Barres - Jeffrey Walker
My Place: Jen (1948) - Catriona McKenzie
My Place: Sofia (1968) - Michael James Rowland
K9: Eclipse of the Korven- David Napier

TV reality / Light Entertainment:
Sunrise: Usher Day - Paul Slater
John Safran's Race Relations: episode 4 - Craig Melville
Rockwiz - Paul Drane

Max Music Summer - Ben West
Dirtgirlworld - Jean Camden

VB - The Regulars - The Glue Society
Crowd Rider - Steve Rogers
Swap - Sean Meehan
Nothing Soft Gets In Tim Bullock

Cross Platform Interactive:
The Tunnel - Online Viral - Ahmed Salama
Dirtgirlworld online - Cate McQuillen
Storm Surfers: The hunt for the biggest waves in the world - Marcus Gillezeau

Original Online Programs:
Now I Can Change The World - Sam Doust
Mordy Koots - Clayton Jacobson
Hoodoo Gurus Must Travel on Wheels - Kimble Rendall

Music Video:
The Bedroom Philosopher - Northcote
(So Hungover) - Craig Melville
Bumblebeez - Misfit - The Glue Society

Muscles - Edward Housden
Deeper than Yesterday - Ariel Kleiman
Last Beautiful Friend - Mischa Baka
The Lovesong of Iskra Prufrock - Lucy Gaffy

GRASS (Green awareness encouragement award):
The Burning Season - Cathy Henkel
Dirtgirlworld - Cate McQuillen
Honeybee Blues - Stefan Moore